Glossary of Auto Transport Terms

AutorackA specially designed multi-level rail car used to transport automobiles. Autoracks have two or three decks, can carry up to 20 vehicles and have metal side panels and end doors to protect automobiles while in transit. Bi-level or double-deck Autoracks usually transport trucks and large SUV’s, while tri-level or triple deck Autoracks usually transport passenger cars. A dedicated train with 70 Autoracks is capable of transporting more than 1,000 vehicles at one time.Auto TransportMoving or shipping automobiles as freight. Auto shippers are strongly encouraged to seek out reputable, fully-insured, financially strong car haulers. A new generation of smart, customer-focused auto transport companies are making nationwide transport more convenient and affordable than ever before.BackhaulRefers to the car hauler’s opportunity to pick up a second load of vehicles close to the destination where they delivered their first load; i.e., returning to the origin of the first load. A to B, then B to A.Bi-Level Rail CarA type of rail car used for auto transport, called a bi-level because it has two decks, an upper and a lower. Bi-level capacity is between 8 – 12 vehicles. They are often used to transport vans, pickups and SUVs, or passenger vehicles that have radio antennas or higher profiles that exclude them from fitting on a tri-level rail car.Car Hauler/CarrierA company which provides auto transport service; the physical transport of a vehicle.Car Carrier / Auto Transport EquipmentA specially constructed semi-trailer (unpowered unit) usually capable of transporting up to 9 vehicles. Some include hydraulically operated ramps. Some vehicles are backed onto the trailer while others are driven nose first to help maximize space or meet overhang requirements. Each vehicle is firmly blocked and tied down to help protect it during transit. Large vehicles are usually transported on the upper level of multi-deck transport trailers.Delivery NetworkA complex system of connected trucks, railroads and ships used to transport cars. Car haulers with access to all modes of auto transport have a powerful delivery network that provides efficient auto shipping to meet their customers’ time and cost requirements.Enclosed Auto TransportAuto transport using a fully enclosed van, semi trailer or rail car, usually with metal sides and a top. Enclosed auto transport offers increased protection against weather, road debris and other hazards especially over long distances. Enclosed truck transport is a premium service which usually costs more than standard open auto transport. Enclosed rail transport is standard and often costs less than open truck transport when moving cars more than 500 miles.Freight ForwarderOne who assembles small shipments of vehicles into one large consolidated shipment which is then tendered to an auto carrier. Upon reaching destination, the shipment is separated into small shipments and delivered.Intermodal/MultimodalThe process of shipping a vehicle using more than one mode of auto transport. Offered by only a few select car haulers, intermodal auto transport integrates both short-distance truck transport and long-distance rail service options.Local MoveA term used to describe auto transport from pickup to delivery by a single carrier, usually within a radius of 200 miles from origin to destination.ModificationsChanges or additions to a vehicle from its original state, such as spoilers, roof racks, 4 x 4 lift kits, running boards, camper cabs, etc. Modifications can affect a vehicle’s overall dimensions and weight, which may require a different mode of auto transport or additional fees.OriginThe location where transport of a vehicle starts, or originates. Car haulers need both the origin and destination of a shipment to provide an accurate auto transport quote.Pick Up and Transit TimePick up and transit times may vary based on the transport company you choose. Auto transport usually averages between 1 to 3 weeks, depending on pick-up and delivery locations, availability of the vehicles, shipping capacity, and distance. Most car haulers also offer expedited service at an additional fee.RampAnother word for an intermodal terminal. Ramps were originally structures, permanent or temporary, from which trailers or machinery are driven onto or off of a railroad flatcar.ShipperThe person for whom the car hauler agrees to move vehicles to a specified destination and at a specified price. Also called “Consignor”.TerminalA facility provided by a railroad or car hauling company at an intermediate point in its network for the handling of freight; and for the breaking up, making up, forwarding and servicing loads, and interchanging with other carriers. Also referred to as a “ramp” when referencing a rail terminal.Tie-downsStraps or chains that a car hauler uses to secure a vehicle on a tow truck or multi-level car carrier. Many car haulers are switching to straps to minimize damage in transit.Vehicle Size ClassificationsVehicle size classes are a way of classifying automobiles to estimate auto transport fees prior shipment. Passenger cars are generally classified as vehicles from 0-60″ in height, or as mini-compact, sub-compact, compact, mid-size or large cars based on their industry standard interior volume index measured in cubic feet. The larger the vehicle, the higher the cost to transport it.Wheel StrapsReinforced straps used in an auto rail car which go over the wheels and secure the vehicle to the floor to minimize transportation damage.

Business Tips – How to Make Your Career Change More Successful

Everyone, and I mean everyone, comes to a point in their lives when their current job just no longer does it for them. If you have been considering making a change in your career but had no idea where to start, you will need some business tips to help you make the right choice. What is important to understand before you make any decisions is that there are some people who just are not cut out for changing careers. There are not many of these people, but there are some. If the thought of getting a new job completely terrifies you, then you should stay put.On the other hand, if this thought excites you and makes you want to find a new job immediately, then you really can take advantage of business tips. One of the best tips you could receive is to look into online marketing from home. There is such great opportunity here because the industry is booming. In addition, there are ways that you can do very little work and make a lot of money. Within this industry, there are additional tips that you can use to make your job switch successful. You do not want to rush into anything because you need to make sure you are going with the right job.
Because there is a lot of great opportunity in online marketing, one of the best business tips you ever could receive is to go with a company that offers training, as well as support. There are a few reasons why you want training. The obvious reason is so you know what you are doing. The other is to use video training so you can see the product actually working. You also will want a program with support so you will know they always will be there for you when you need them.Another one of the important business tips to use is to be dedicated to your new job. There are programs that only really require you to work just a few hours each day. You need to show dedication to your work even if you do not have to work that much. Your time is really important so you need to put all your heart into the little time you are working. It will make your time stretch further. The instant you start getting lax with your working, the sooner your business will start to slip.It took me a lot of time, and money to find the right mentor. He teaches a new way to learn all about online marketing in video format that anyone can understand. Imagine what it would be like to see behind the curtain of one of the most successful online marketers in the business and clone his success.

China Industrial ETFs Are Attractive Again

Foreign Investors sold on the long term Sino growth must rather consider index controlled Chinese Industrial Funds that will allow a wide spectrum portfolio and an equated weight age among the top most liquid stocks from the Industrial Machinery that runs the massive country and its more than a billion citizens.The United States, Japan and European Union have established a successful and profitable network of business with China. There is a great degree of scope for foreign investing in the nation. An individual can also invest in companies that have businesses in China, this entitles the investors to work under a stricter and safer environment and tap the above mentioned country’s growth and rising affluent consumers.China has laid stress on knowledge of English Language. Most of its students graduating from universities are fluent in both Chinese and English. This indicates a big number of educated work-force. China relies greatly on exports and introduces subsidies to promote the same.At the same time it has a well-developed industrial manufacturing sector than countries like India. In recent estimates this nation can very easily over take the United States economy by the year 2030. In China the annual GDP growth manipulates between a healthy 8 – 10 per cent.The Chinese Government has approved funds close to $ 600 billion to upgrade roads, railways, airports, and subways.China is en route to becoming the biggest manufacturer surpassing US of A latest by 2015.The manufacturing sector in China is known for its ability to carry out quality productions at a low cost. This way it emerges as strong competitor against other developing economies. In fact when compared to developed nations it wins on points like low cost labour force and support from the government.Industrial sector consists of firms involved in providing industrial and marketable equipment, varied services, infrastructure groups, logistics, distribution and transport processes. Many such companies have developed a market for their products in China itself, second stage involved expansion towards emerging nations of India, Russia and Indonesia and thirdly very few companies have achieved the standard required to enter the developed markets.Industries such as ship building, cranes, construction paraphernalia, and wind and power distribution have made the maximum local progress. On the other hand there are businesses that are beginning to advance and still have a long way to go such as health care, automation, aerospace and oil equipment etc.One main stream investing method in the above segment is through the ETFs. United States investors are looking to invest out of their county in a lesser attractive situation. They may focus on international funds targeting specific sectors. China industries ETF track a bench mark industry index but do not try to outperform it and further-more the list of securities/ stocks is mostly same in both.Currently its stock market is representing a down fall, in the past three years the Shanghai Composite Index has shed more than 40% of its value. For those of us who believe that the mandarin rally is intact barring a few cyclical corrections, this in fact represents a buying opportunity.